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On this page you'll find frequently asked questions

➤ General

How can I buy a FrëschKëscht?

Via our website form it is possible to place an order for a FrëschKëscht

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How can I contact the FrëschKëscht Team?

You can send us an email at the following email address [email protected] or you can fill out our contact form (preferred method).

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What's in FrëschKëscht?

On our website you will find an approximate list of what is currently among the seasonal products the FrëschKëscht may contain. We will never give details about the content of the box to offer you a little surprise. Let yourself be surprised :-)

Saisonal products

Are there any cold chains that have to be kept?

No, there aren't. FrëschKëscht does only include products that do not need to be refrigerated

Who can I contact if I can't find my pickup location?

The best solution is to call us immediately as this is the fastest (+352 691 388 761). Otherwise you can also send us an email ([email protected]) or contact us using the contact form (https://freschkescht.lu/contact)

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Who are our suppliers?

We have suppliers with many and high quality products such as LuxLait, BioGros, Haff Mullerlemmer, Famill Kirsch and Mellerefer Hingerfarm

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Is it possible to have the FrëschKëscht delivered to your home?

Yes, it is! In the order form you have to choose at the end of the form whether you would like to collect your Frëschkëscht yourself or prefer to have it delivered to your home

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What does that mean that the FrëschKëscht is regional and seasonal?

In other words, all the products in the box come exclusively from Luxembourg (without exception!). In addition, all of the products contained in FrëschKëscht are seasonal or stock items such as apples, for example.

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Where can I send feedback for FrëschKëscht?

You can submit feedback at the following website address:

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Are there any events you are represented at?

You can find all future events at which we are represented at the following website address:


How exactly does the delivery work?

Saturday your FrëschKëscht will be delivered with Michel Greco S.A. (Post Group Luxembourg) to your home.

➤ Payment

How do I pay for my FrëschKëscht?

Once you have submitted the order form and we've reviewed it, you will receive an email with all the information, including the invoice with our bank account details