Delivery - FrëschKëscht


Get your FrëschKëscht delivered to your door

FrëschKëscht offers not only quality products but also a home delivery service in order to make life easier for our customers. We make it possible for you to eat healthy, local products without having to go to the producers yourselves.

These deliveries are made throughout Luxembourg, so everyone can enjoy the quality products that Luxembourg has to offer.

We make a number of deliveries ourselves but it is thanks to the company Michel Greco that we were able to expand delivery to throughout the country.

They offer delivery on Saturdays and Mondays, depending on the customer's municipality. Regardless of the day of delivery, FrëschKëschts are stored in perfect conditions to maintain the freshness and quality of the products. In addition, the company has refrigerated vans, ideal for the transport of food.
La livraison des boîtes demande des coûts supplémentaires de 3,95€ par boîte.