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A young, committed and dynamic team

Clémentine Offner

Clémentine OFFNER

Customer service

Even if clementines are not local, we still have one in the team
Chez FrëschKëscht, Clémentine s’occupe de prendre soin des clients en répondant aux mails et en prenant compte des suggestions que l’on reçoit au quotidien. C'est également elle qui s'occupe de la préparation des boîtes et essaie de dénicher de bonnes recettes à proposer aux clients. Clémentine est une personne positive, pleine d’espoir, qui voudrait pouvoir changer le monde, de là son surnom de "Greta"

Teo Castellvi



Le plus fêtard de tous, Teo a toujours des idées pour faire des bêtises. Avec son humour sarcastique Teo arrive toujours à nous faire rire. Avec Gaïa, ils sont responsables du secteur Marketing. Teo s’est au fur et à mesure spécialisé dans les publicités de Facebook et Google, ce qui lui était un monde inconnu auparavant. Une de ses passions est le tennis, qu'il transmet désormais aux plus jeunes en leur donnant des cours les weekends.

Ivo Silva



Ivo est un vrai leader, qui a le pouvoir de motiver et de persuader ceux qui l’entoure avec sa détermination et son énergie positive. Il adore gagner et c'est un combattant. Il tient ce côté du football, sa grande passion depuis toujours. On pourrait cependant l’appeler notre footballeur toujours blessé, car il se fait toujours des petits bobos.
Ivo always has new ideas. He is our best seller and the one who deals with external relationships as well as our accounting.

Gilles Heinesch


Administrative department and webmaster

Gilles is a bit of the brain of the machine. If someone has a question, it is obvious that they will turn to Gilles, who always has all the answers. He's a bit of a workaholic, always sitting behind his computer doing something. Gilles programs our website, but he also takes care of the administrative service.
Otherwise, Gilles is one of the most polite and friendly people, that is, he likes to please everyone and puts others before himself.

Gaïa Costadura


Marketing and communication

Gaïa is our little dreamer and you could say that she always has her head in the clouds. However, she always has good ideas and is very creative. She helps Teo to do the marketing and also takes care of responding to comments and messages from customers on social media. Gaïa is the most optimistic and positive person in the group. She is always smiling and fun.
Even if we don't have the beach in Luxembourg, Gaia's favorite hobby is surf. This gives her a good excuse to only do sport once a year.

The short story

FrëschKëscht Team
In September 2019, seven classmates decided to sign up together to an optional class called "mini-enterprise". The aim was to create and develop a business within the framework of a contest organised by the "Jonk Entrepreneuren" of Luxembourg.
The 5 ambitious and motivated students that we are started this very heartfelt project. We wanted to win this contest but first create something that would have real value. Even if the idea of FrëschKëscht did not come to us straight away, we quickly started from the idea of a product that would highlight our country, Luxembourg, ironic considering that most of us are not of luxembourgish origin.
In short, FrëschKëscht was born. For a whole year, we worked on the creation of our product and service and entered into the world of entrepreneurship, a real revelation to us. We discovered a passion for the business world but also for the field we chose, that of local and seasonal food. Basically, none of us had any real knowledge of fruit and vegetables and this was a double challenge. During this year, we have learned so much about the world of work but also about ourselves and about human relationships.
And guess what? We won our contest! We became the best "mini-enterprise" in Luxembourg in 2020 and our FrëschKëscht is a real success with a number of customers. This victory and experience gave us the desire and motivation to continue this adventure beyond school. We become a real business in September 2020.
As much more than a business success, FrëschKëscht is, more than anything, a great life adventure, which has created very strong and unbreakable bonds of friendship between us.

The team at work