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Products 100% luxembourgish

FrëschKëscht's products are 100% made in Luxembourg. Our goal is to encourage people to eat local products and make this easier with our box containig exclusively Luxembourg products.

Reducing our carbon footprint

By eating locally, we encourage short supply chains: this can reduce the carbon footprint generated by massive imports of foreign products.

Support local producers

Local and regional consumption allows us to highlight producers close to home, because Luxembourg is full of professionals offering a variety of products.

Ensure product quality

Being close to our producers, we can truly guarantee the excellence and freshness of our products. We remain completely transparent about the origin of our products.

6 good reasons to choose FrëschKëscht

No stress

Do not waste your time in supermarkets or running all over the country to find products of 100% Luxembourgish quality.


As every week is different, modify, pause or suspend your subscription.

No to packaging

Our first goal is to protect our environment, so we are also careful to use as little packaging as possible.


Luxembourg, known for its small size, is full of surprises and in every week we offer you different products with innovative recipe ideas

Fresh and healthy

The products may not come from your grandmother's garden but the quality and flavours are there

Surprise effect

Every week a surprise awaits you when you open your box and discover the products that Luxembourg has to offer.


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